Top Tips for a Perfect Bathroom Renovation in Sydney

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Top Tips for a Perfect Bathroom Renovation in Sydney

A bathroom renovation project can be an exciting job, bringing together all your bathroom ideas and hopes you have for your brand-new space, seeing it come to life. However, it can also be an extremely daunting task, especially if you’re not sure what you want, or you have the ideal vision in place, but don’t feel confident about hiring the right builders.

Modern bathroom in sydney

With good bathrooms being a sizable investment, but one which is worthwhile – bringing real value to any home – you want to make sure you’re prepared with everything possible to make the job a success.

For any discerning Australian homeowner hoping to gain top tips on how to complete your next bathroom project, look no further. As a long-standing, family run business based in Sutherland Shire Sydney and serving the entire region, we have decades of experience to point out exactly what you should look for. If you need any bathroom renovations Sydney-wide, we would love to help. Read on to find out more.

Tips for Modern Bathroom Ideas

Find Inspiration

Every project starts with a plan. With so many sources of inspiration, from browsing websites and social media, to wandering the isles of your favourite kitchen and bathroom showrooms, there is a wealth of choice. It’s important to start locking down what you want before any physical renovation work starts. This is because the ideas you have, or haven’t yet discovered, may have a knock-on effect when it comes to pulling up flooring or retiling.

Our friendly, family-run team is very comfortable and used to receiving ideas and samples from customers, as it helps us understand your own tastes, bathroom ideas and what you want from your new space.

Keep it Personal

Renovating any space in your home is a great way to put your personal stamp on it. For new homeowners, especially if you’ve come from the rental market, this may be the first time you can truly make a house feel like a home, particularly for a new family. Whether you lean towards a classic style or more modern bathroom ideas, it’s up to you.

Don’t be afraid to research ideas you like, and remember, you’re never inconveniencing builders by asking them to do something unusual. Just let us know what you’d like at the initial planning and quote stage, and we will let you know if it’s possible and how best to execute. For our bathroom renovations Sydney-wide, everything we do is for the customer.

Invest in a Good Shower

Maybe there are some design elements you can save money on. Not everyone wants an expensive cabinet, and simple but perfectly good tiles can be bought cheaply. However, we feel a high-quality shower is one investment worth making. Not only does it create a strong centre of focus in any bathroom, but after a long, hard day you’ll definitely want to enjoy a hot power shower or relaxing bubble bath in a high quality tub. These elements really make a bathroom come to life, so this is where you can spend a little extra money.

Hire Professionals and See Their Work

Bathroom Sink Faucet

Renovations can be quite heavy duty, especially once floors are being pulled up, ceilings skimmed, old furniture torn out and pipes exposed. You want to make sure the best and most qualified people are working in your home to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. Qualified experts can also react to, or eliminate, any unforeseen problems that may arise, should this happen. In short, you should fully trust the people you hire.

Take a look at some of our recent projects and the variety of work we’ve completed for our clients. We are proud of our brilliant customer feedback and we are grateful for the many referrals and recommendations we’ve received for our bathroom renovations Sydney-wide.

Things to Avoid

Unfortunately, there can also be stumbling blocks when it comes to your dream bathroom and getting it right. Here are some points to look out for throughout the process.

Don’t Lose Sight of Budget

Inspiration and ideas are great, but try to factor in your budget when you start planning, and be realistic. It can be heart-breaking to come up with a dozen great ideas before realising you don’t have the budget, and it’s back to square one. Think about any design ideas and material types with your budget in mind, and you’ll have a clearer sense of what you can do.

Our design team plans for multiple options, so we can offer alternatives, help source materials at trade cost, and suggest choices when it comes to finalising your plans and keeping within budget. We know it’s a big decision having any type of home renovation work completed, but we’re confident we can find a good solution that works for you and won’t break the bank.

Being Needlessly Upsold

When planning for a project, the new bathroom will be yours, and chances are you and your family will be using it for many years to come. If any builders you consult try to upsell you ideas you’re not interested in, or rush you through the process to start work, they are best avoided. There is obviously a difference between suggesting ideas you might like, and forcing you to agree to work you don’t want, or need.

Our friendly team works across many locations, has excellent customer service feedback and works collaboratively with every client, making sure you have the best experience and communication from start to finish.

Forgetting Storage

One area often neglected during bathroom renovations is storage, and we know you can never have too much storage! Even when working in a small bathroom space or an en suite, there are smart options such as hidden storage and built-in cabinets which make the most of any limited space. Most modern bathroom ideas allow for extra nooks for storing towels and toiletries.

Our team has transformed bathrooms of many different sizes, so we’re confident in finding a solution that works efficiently, from a large family bathroom to a kids’ bathroom.

Cutting Corners

Plumbing pipe fitting

Cutting corners or hiring cheap labour is very short-sighted. It may appear to save some cash in the short term, but the problems created may cost you even more by getting work redone and fixed a second time. Not to mention, it’s very dangerous having inexperienced or unqualified workers tampering with pipes and electrics in your home.

When it’s time to start planning your new bathroom project, please contact us. We will provide a free consultation tailored for you and your budget, and our staff work Sutherland Shire-wide, all over Sydney and beyond. Your new bathroom is right around the corner.